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Wide Variety

We have a wide variety of laptops available for customers to choose from, including models from different brands, with different specifications and price ranges. This allows customers to find the perfect laptop to suit their needs.

Expert Advise

We employ knowledgeable sales staff who can help customers understand the different features and options available on different models, and provide guidance on which laptop would be the best fit for their needs.

Repair and Maintenance

We also also offer in-store repair and maintenance services, which can be a major benefit for customers who need to get their laptops fixed quickly and efficiently.

Competitive Price

We Offer competitive pricing, which means that customers can save money by shopping for laptops at a physical store rather than online.

After-sales support

One of our Biggest USP after-sales support team that can help customers with any issues or queries they may have after purchasing their device, which provides a peace of mind to the customers.

What Our Clients Say

Client feedback is an essential part of any business as it helps companies understand how their products or services are being received by their customers.


Average Customer Rating

I would rate this place 10 star for its service, humility of the people and their support. Mr. Manjunath was super helpful in getting a good price for the laptop and setting it up. Was able to exchange my old laptop at a good price as well. I would totally recommend to buy laptops here.
Local Guide
I am a customer of this store from many years. purchased 4 to 5 laptops from same store. Mr Manjunath is behind in all of this. This month bought one more dell laptop this month. the support from Mr manjunath is amazing. Hope same support will be there all the time from you
Long Term Customer
Very professional team..Purchased color printer from them. Delivered on time. Highly reasonable..At par with eCommerce sites.. best part compared to those are – you have ‘Go to person’ incase of need, as it’s very difficult when you buy from e-commerce sites. Installation, demo and instructions were given properly. Highly recommend them. Thank you so much.
Regular Customer

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